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Elsom Research New Equilibrium Cosmeceuticals

Suggested Treatment Regimens

We have several suggested groupings of our products:


Normal Maintenance

Use DermaDream, our gentle deep purifying and cleansing product for the face, to cleanse and purify skin from all layers of impurities and stress accumulated during the day. Follow with our Nanosomin super serum for deep treatment, maintenance and renewal of skin. Our Nanosomin super serum uses the body's night-time physiology rhythm to effectively encourage anabolic (rebuilding) processes in the skin.

Normal Maintenance

After morning shower, apply Equisomin to damp hair and proceed with Equisomin application instructions. While hair is drying, apply TalEden cream to your face. You can apply makeup five minutes afterwards on top of TalEden. During the day, apply TalEden Spray, our refreshing aromatherapy skin toner and pH optimizer, to reset skin conditions whenever desired. TalEden spray aromatherapy will send an invigorating energy burst through your skin to awaken and boost your energy level. During the day you can also apply Lipol to protect, nourish, firm, and plump the lips.

Special Regimens

Use DeLine for treatment of fine lines around eyes, preferably during night time. Anabolin and Anasterol can be used instead of Nanosomin to encourage anabolic processes in the skin. All of them are powerful products, differing from each other in their texture and some ingredients; individual inclination will determine product preference.

Special Regimens

Arctic Fire is not only a muscle ache relaxer but will also aid in alleviating discomfort associated with minor skin imperfections, including acne and other skin blemishes. Apply TalEden Spray to skin as a toner and pH optimizer after Arctic Fire treatment, Alpha/Beta/Omega Plus treatment, or after daytime DermaDream purification and cleansing.

Natural skin care cosmeceuticals by Elsom Research are formulated with nano-encapsulation and nano-emulsion technologies. Our natural creams, lotions, and serums are comprised of vitamins, anabolic factors, and other beneficial ingredients.