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Cosmeceuticals and Nano-Cosmeceuticals;
"New Equilibrium" Product Line

We are pioneering the field of nano-cosmeceuticals. Our nano-cosmeceuticals are formulated with proprietary, state-of-the-art, nano-technologies. Our nano-cosmeceuticals are formulated with dynamic intra-dermal nano-vehicles. Our nano-cosmeceuticals implement innovation in nano-formulation of botanicals and natural active ingredients.

You can obtain our nano-cosmeceuticals in several ways:

Buy individual finished retail products

Buy a batch of our products

Custom formulate your product

Use our nanotechnology vehicles in your product

Some of our skin-care and hair-care nano-cosmeceuticals are available for online sale directly to consumers; click here to see that list.

The skin-care and hair-care nano-cosmeceuticals listed below are only available as batch orders. Batch orders are available in sizes from 2Kg to 3000Kg. To order, please contact us.
TalEden Spray is like TalEden Cream, but in spray formula formulated for extra lightness with medium chain triglycerides; ultra-fast absorption and action for all skin types.
For special batch orders, please contact us.

Synergal is a synergistic activator for our skin treatments and will increase the performance of our treatment formulae. It is also effective independently for those who want a single product for regulating and balancing oil/moisture in skin with treatment formulae features.
For special batch orders, please contact us.

Anabolin is a deep skin treatment designed to meet the stress of intense bodybuilding or other athletic activity. For skin that is prematurely aging, especially skin that is exposed to a harsh environment or is otherwise mistreated, this formula will recharge and maintain a youthful and flexible appearance.
For special batch orders, please contact us.

Anasterol is a deep skin treatment. Like Anabolin, it is designed to meet extreme stress conditions that skin may be exposed to such as bodybuilding or exposure to a harsh environment. In addition, Anasterol contains the powerful hormone DHEA.
For special batch orders, please contact us.

Arctic Fire’s fresh aromatherapy, with spearmint, clovebud and seven more essential oils, will soothe and soften, warm and relax your skin and alleviate aches related to stiffness of muscles after hard work or exercise. It absorbs quickly and cannot leave any undesirable heavy “arthritis medication odors”.
For special batch orders, please contact us.
BuggzOffSpray  is a natural skin spray that may hide/mask human presence from biting bugs. Effective for several hours. Effectiveness period may vary depending on sweating and blood type.
For special batch orders, please contact us.
EvoLotion with nano-Dispersosome™ technology will be introduced shortly.
For special batch orders, please contact us
RevoLotion with nano-Dispersosome™ technology will be introduced shortly.
For special batch orders, please contact us.

What are cosmeceuticals and nano-cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals are active topicals.

Cosmeceuticals containing medicinally non-restricted actives such as vitamins are treatment cosmeceuticals.

Cosmeceuticals containing vehicles are intra-dermal cosmeceuticals.

Cosmeceuticals formulated with nano-vehicles or containing actives formulated with nano-technology are nano-cosmeceuticals.

Nano-cosmeceuticals contain active ingredients and may be beneficial in applications where topical medicines are not.

The performance of cosmeceuticals is routinely understated due to regulations on claims.

Natural skin care cosmeceuticals by Elsom Research are formulated with nano-encapsulation and nano-emulsion technologies. Our natural creams, lotions, and serums are comprised of vitamins, anabolic factors, and other beneficial ingredients.

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