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Cosmeceuticals and natural skincare by Elsom Research are active nano-topicals formulated with vitamins, actives and other natural ingredients. Cosmeceuticals undergo enhanced formulation with our nano-technology systems. We also creatively combine traditional botanicals and formulation with our state-of-the-art nanotechnology and vitamins and other actives into active cosmeceuticals. Cosmeceuticals based on our nanotechnologies currently available for use in our custom manufacturing include Nanosomes™, nano-encapsulation, nano-emulsion, and double emulsion; additional formulation technologies and new combinations of existing technologies are being developed, as are new applications for liposomes as carriers of beneficial materials. We also developed intra-dermal and trans-dermal vehicles for topical delivery systems.

We can provide Nanosomes™, nano-emulsion Dispersicles™, and nano-encapsulates. We can incorporate actives into these nano-structures and further formulate them into topicals and topical delivery systems.

Our cosmeceuticals, dermaceuticals, and theraceuticals were developed by Dr. Elishalom Yechiel.

Nano-encapsulation of actives can improve their function, increase the range of their activity, reduce the concentration of use, increase shelf life, reduce color and odor of actives, protect the active from rapid degradation and protect the skin from prolonged exposure to actives.

Nano-emulsion creates a large surface-to-volume ratio for emulsion particles that contact skin, so more active ingredients contact the skin at the surface-to-surface interaction between the emulsion and the the skin. Small emulsion particulates will not clog the pores and will allow air and water to flow between them. Curvature definitions of small emulsion surface components can effect emulsion potency and interaction characteristics with skin.

Nanosomes™ (nano-liposomes) can act as both encapsulation and delivery systems. Our Nanosome-derived technologies revitalize the field of liposome technology with new and exciting applications, particularly in the pioneering of anti-aging research.

Intra-Dermal and Trans-Dermal Vehicles have been developed by Dr. Yechiel for topical use. These vehicles are suitable for delivery via skin of actives and drugs in cosmetic and OTC applications. We are working on a topical anti-cancer drug for melanoma, based on a vehicle and a transporter Dr. Yechiel developed.

Private label manufacturing is available, as is technology sharing which can be based on co-development of specific applications, licensing, or other forms of engagement. We specialize in custom topical formulations in small to medium size (2Kg-3,000Kg) batches, including skin care and cosmeceuticals.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and obtain a current price quotation.

To learn more about the science behind our nanotechnologies and advanced formulations, please visit our learning pages.


Elsom Research business-to-business services include custom formulation and private label manufacturing.

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